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Lalit Kaushik Advocate and associates  consist Various Lawyers, possessing huge standing in the legal career and also Good experience and capabilities in numerous fields of law and in appreciate of coping with disputes, conciliations, negotiations, soliciting, mediation, documentations, etc. Lalit Kaushik Advocate is the president of Nyay Sabko Samaj Seva Samiti(NGO). He also provides free of cost legal remedies and redressal to the needy persons* of the society. Engagement of learned lawyers, providing legal advices, to mediate parties absolute solution without litigation, lawyers offer one-on-one, personalized representation that is aimed at securing the best final results possible. Your case will be dealt with the aid of a lawyer who has large experience to deal with problem in the respective fields. NYAY SABKO SAMAJ SEVA SAMITI believes in serving our clients with the utmost care, ability and professionalism without any service charges.