Contract Law

What is Contract Law ?

An agreement enforceable by law. 

Agreement = Offer + Acceptance

Business Arrangement

Partnership Arrangements; Shareholders Agreement; Consultant Contracts; Vendor Agreements; Mergers and Amalgamation contracts; Spin-Offs, etc

Outsourcing Agreement

Master Software Development Agreement; Master Services Agreement; Finalizing SOWs; Head Augmentation Agreements; Contract Employment; Media Agency contract.

IPRs Assignments and Licensing

Transfer of Technology Licensing; Patent Licensing; Books Publication Arrangements; Trademark Licensing Arrangements

Market Arrangements

Franchise; Distribution Arrangement; Vertical and Horizontal Selling Agreements; Whole-Sellers Agreements; Re-sellers Arrangement.

Real Estate Documentation

Lease Agreements; Sale-Purchase of Real Estate, Due-Diligence and Negotiation of Real Estate Contracts; Power of Attorney Arrangements

Banking & Financial Agreements

Loan Documentation; Escrow Account Arrangement; Hypothecation & Mortgage Agreements; Promissory Notes and pledges, Start-up funding Arrangements.

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