Corporate Law

What is Corporate Law ?

Our Corporate Law Firm Services includes:

Corporate Laws

Incorporation of Entities. Jotwani Associates assists in formation of all kind of corporate entities, including Company, LLP, Trust, not-for-profit (Section25), Society, (Wholly owned) Subsidiaries, etc.

Joint Venture Companies

Joint Venture companies are magnificent legal tool that allows technology transfers and governance of the JV entity in a manner so specified by the participating companies.Being the top corporate law firms in India, we are in a unique position to assess the strengths and weakness of partners to enable successful and profitable JV relations. Our understanding of the subject has helped several leading firms carry out their joint venture partnerships with commitment and zeal from all parties involved.

Corporate Compliance

Modern day corporations require number of compliances to be followed in India. Working as trusted corporate lawyers India, Jotwani Associates has documented all compliances and prepared a check list to assist corporations in their day to day compliances. This keeps management free from facing any negative legal consequences; and helps them focus on the business. We help businesses carry out their daily tasks without breaking their head over any of the legal matters, it’s always a happy proposition for us.

Foreign Direct Investments

Lalit Kaushik Advocate legal team assists Investors and Funds to make appropriate investments into several sectors as per the Reserve Bank of India (“RBI”) guidelines. Leading our way as corporate lawyers India, the knowledge and practice of Banking Law has placed us in a unique position to handle these big investments. We making a complicated procedure a simple one as foreign investments can often be a cumbersome affair for most people.

Structuring Stock Options

Whether it’s rewarding Employees or the Board members, Lalit Kaushik Advocate plays a unique role in structuring the stocks to be vested upon a specified occurrence, as per the Indian Laws

Being top corporate law firms in India, we strive hard to provide timely results which are both practical and affordable for every client irrespective of any criteria. Facilitating the maintenance and expansion of business and commercial activities envisaged by our clients is our vision and mission. Our goal is to transit our enthusiasm, prowess, and creativity into pragmatic and personalized services throughout the life cycle of our business..

More Information about Lalit Kaushik Advocate corporate law services:

Formation of entities in India and other tax saving nations; Corporate Secretarial work; Company mergers, acquisitions, take over; Permissions and approvals under Competition Act (anti-trust laws) in India, Due-Diligence for purpose of mergers and acquisitions – M &A, Compliance under Companies Act, 2956; Foreign Direct Investments; foreign currency remittance; corporate restructuring; winding up of companies in India; Stock Options; Share Transfers; Board Resolutions and Meetings; Share Purchase agreement; Shareholders Agreement; Joint Ventures; Memorandum of Understanding; Franchising; Real Estate and Lease Arrangements.