What is Litigation?

High Courts and Supreme Court

All kind of disputes before the Courts in India.

Commercial Litigation

Corporate Disputes, Debt Recovery, Injunction/ Stay matters, Winding Up Petitions, Company Law Board Petitions, Cheque Bouncing and Bank Loan Recovery matters.

Intellectual Property Disputes

Trademark, Copyright & Patent infringement matters, Domain name disputes, Piracy Actions, Anton Pillar Orders, Patent Infringement cases. Trade Secret theft complaints, Employee data theft issues.

Family Law

Divorce, Matrimonial Settlements, Maintenance & Custody, Criminal complaints on Domestic Violence, Dowry, Adoption of Children, Child Abuse Cases.

Arbitration & Mediations

Settling tough cases with negotiations & mediation, Appointment of Arbitrators, Appearing in Arbitration proceedings and tribunals, Carrying with Institutional and International Arbitration.

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