What is Patents ?

PCT National Phase filings

Year 2019, Lalit Kaushik Advocate LLP filed 550 PCT National Phase Applications in India. That is whopping 2.5% of the total PCT filings in India. It also means that Lalit Kaushik Advocate is filing nearly 1.5 application each day, and makes us second largest PCT Filers India.

The Indian Government National Phase Filing fees (PCT) is as under:
A. Rs. 8000/- (upto 10 Claims for any legal entity) or Rs. 1600/- (for an individual applicant upto 10 claims)
B. Rs. 200/- per claim (for each additional claim above 10).
C. Rs. 100 per page (for additional pages above 30)
Total Government Filing Fees (A+B+C). Note: USD 1 = Rs. 71 as on Jan, 2019. Ascertain correct rate at

For our fixed fees quote, email:

Lalit Kaushik Advocate uses cloud based tool for giving reminders to its clients so that its clients have never miss any deadlines. It’s success rate at the Indian Patent Office being 90-percent.

Drafting and Filing Patent Application

Lalit Kaushik Advocate work in almost all technological areas to draft Patent Applications and protect your valuable inventions at the Indian Patent Office. As the Patent filings is online, we act for clients all across the country to file applications at all four patent offices in India.

Once you contact us, we complete the application with the following steps:
Email you the following:

  • Fee quote (including our fees, Government fees and International Fees, if applicable),
  • Invention Disclosure Form (IDF)
  • Non-Disclosure Undertaking to provide legal security for your invention;

Upon receiving completed IDF, we conduct Inventor Interview to understand invention
Conduct prior art search and get it approved from Inventor
Draft Complete Specifications
Get Signatures from Inventor
File the Application at Indian Patent Office
The complete process can take 7-10 working days.

Prior Art Searches

Lalit Kaushik Advocate is subscribed to paid databases that enables intelligent results for your Inventions.

Freedom to Operate Studies

A very essential study for startups or Companies launching new products or going to new markets.These studies require not only “Technological” acumen, but also require “Business Knowledge”. Where could you have all this talent present at one place? – Of course, do talk to Lalit Kaushik Advocate team. We,being a leading patent office India, have been able to help a lot of companies venture into new markets through our expert guidance and knowledge of all the essentials involved.

More Information about our Patent Services:

Lalit Kaushik Advocate is engaged by some of the big technology companies and performs services like, Prior art searches, Patent Drafting, Patent filings, USPTO Office Action, Freedom to Operate Studies -FTO, Obtaining Foreign Filing License (FFL), Valuation of Patents, Due diligence on Intellectual Property, Form-25 : Annual Statement of Working of Patents to be filed at Indian Patent Office, Patent annuities, Patent and Trademark Filings, PCT National Phase filings in India.